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Big Rent Car is a car rental company, based in Iasi. Through the years of experience and the professionalism we show, we have thanked people from all over. The Big Rent Car fleet includes dozens of models, both for fearless drivers and for those who want a quiet and comfortable ride. We have in stock standard cars, family cars and vans, for those who want a classic ride, for those who want to reach their destination with their family and for those who consider space a key element in their journey.

With us you feel the power of the horses vibrate under the hoods and transport yourself in maximum safety and comfort to your chosen destination.
The price of cars in the Big Rent Car fleet is more than balanced, and special packages and extra options are never lacking. In the over 10 years of car rental experience, we have learned to satisfy the needs of each client brilliantly and we have managed to position ourselves on the market as one of the most serious car rental companies.

Whether you want to drive to the perfect destination on a dream vacation, or you want to take your children and wife for a walk or you want to go out with friends, Big Rent Car has the perfect solution. It can take the form of a BMW, a Mercedes, a Volvo, an Opel or many other cars that can be found in our car rental offers.

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Your safety is our priority! We provide: constant inspection of vehicles, best price & quality, unlimited number of kilometers, no hidden taxes.

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Available: 12 cars
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